Delivering digital currencies to the world. Safely and securely.

Our Mission

With Blockstations ECN you can be connected to the global marketplace of digital currencies. Whether you are in Canada, USA, UK or the Caribbean, you can be interconnected to the collective aggregated pool with the best liquidity, reliability and price 24/7.

The NASDAQ of Blockchain Tokens

Blockstation is a Toronto based private company that owns and operates an Electronic Communication Network (ECN), providing Direct Market Access (DMA) to Blockchain tokens primarily in the crypto currency markets to traditional Financial Institutions, Dealers and Brokers. Think of us as the Nasdaq of Blockchain Tokens.


Safe. Secure.

Blockstation’s platform, processes and procedures are designed based upon the standards required by institutions and regulatory authorities.

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Close-Looped Platform

From Quote to Trade Execution to Compliance Reporting, Blockstation’s platform supports the entire trading life cycle of Blockchain Tokens.

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Revenue, Cost Reduction, Aquisition

Calculate how much more profit your institution can make offering Blockchain Tokens

Mitigating Risk

Learn how we mitigate the your risk from the market place

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