Block Depository

Blockstation has designed and developed a secure solution “Block Depository” which enables the clearing and settlement of Blockchain tokens to mitigate counterparty risk.

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Block Depository Terminal

  • Secure Offline terminal provides a simple interface to create and manage public and private keys
  • Securely sign batch transactions offline for withdrawals and settlement
  • Audit your organisations deposit and withdrawals addresses
  • Audit your organisations transactions for fraud attempts

Clearing & Settlement

  • Manage Net Settlement across the entire trading network.
  • Manage settlement deposits withdrawals and transacted of both crypto and fiat currency.
  • Generate Trade Reports, Reconciliation Reports for management of Clearing and settlement.
  • Generate settlement reports.
  • Generate asset holding statements by account.
  • Integrated with the stock exchange to receive execution reports
  • Secure management for settling transactions as quickly as T+0
  • Depository Portal for management of all Broker wallets and key signatures.
  • Broker level reporting or account level reporting for compliance based on your regulatory framework.
  • Increased AUM through the new efficient solution.
  • Generate settlement reports.
  • Balance between on-chain and off-chain transactions for maximum security, transparency and efficiency.

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