• Many crypto investors around the world are waiting for the next boom in prices, like what occurred in 2017
  • As regulated stock exchanges begin to list cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ether, more mainstream investors will feel comfortable entering the market
  • A new investor pilot with Blockstation, a Canadian FinTech, is the first such example of a new trend that could fuel the next bitcoin boom

Are you one of the trailblazing crypto-enthusiasts who struck gold in the 2017 bitcoin boom? Or are you kicking yourself for just missing your chance?

Then a word to the wise: bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are about to go mainstream, bringing millions of investors (and their money) from the sidelines to the playing field.

Canadian fintech company Blockstation has introduced the world’s first end-to-end, fully secure, regulated and insured trading platform for digital assets, partnering with traditional financial institutions to bring crypto to mainstream investors for the first time.

Our pilot is now live, accepting a limited number of investors to trade bitcoin and ether through a regulated, fully insured stock exchange.

Bitcoin’s baby steps towards the mainstream

Bitcoin may claim 25 million users globally, but the broader pool of investors is much larger than that. Even the Bitcoin boom in 2017 was limited to that (comparatively) small pool of adventurous investors and die-hard crypto supporters.

The fact is, the world’s first cryptocurrency is relatively young at just 10 years old. Given its newness and the fact that it operates unlike fiat currency - the only kind that traditional Financial Institutions have ever known throughout their history - it’s no surprise that bitcoin and other cryptos are still hunting for mainstream adoption.

Enthusiasts who believe in the potential of cryptos to change the world can be excused for feeling impatient, though they’ve also seen a number of milestones to celebrate:

  • A growing number of businesses including Microsoft, KFC Canada and OKCupid accept customer payments in bitcoin

  • Countries including the US, Canada, Australia and many EU members are generally bitcoin-friendly, though they do not yet share a standardized regulatory approach

  • The Canadian town of Innisfil will soon begin a 1-year pilot to accept property tax payments in bitcoin

  • The state of Ohio began permitting businesses to pay their taxes in bitcoin in late 2018

This hodgepodge of policies is an indication that crypto is moving closer towards mainstream approval, with more companies and governments coming forward with decisions and frameworks that give everyday investors the confidence to enter the market.

Expanding market for cryptocurrencies

Mainstream investors trust traditional financial institutions to handle investments in other securities. Why not bring cryptos to their ecosystem?

Blockstation’s trading platform is designed to work with the established network of stock exchanges, brokers, regulators, and depositories, providing investors with all the convenience and protection they expect from any investment in their portfolio. Benefits include:

  • Insured fiat and bitcoin deposits, protecting against hacks like Mt. Gox and collapses like Quadriga

  • Best-in-class design featuring a user-customized dashboard showing market activity, the order book and trading interface at a glance

  • Easy, compliant cashing out and withdrawal of crypto assets

  • Real-time monitoring of trading activity by regulators, ensuring market transparency and preventing illicit transactions

In other words, the Blockstation solution makes cryptos familiar and comfortable for mainstream investors, inviting them to dive in at last and inject new capital into the market, leading to a second boom, growing the crypto market for everybody.

The second bitcoin boom is coming

If crypto enthusiasts were the first prospectors to strike gold in California, regulation and insured crypto exchange represents the Gold Rush that took San Francisco from an 800-person village in 1848 to a full-blown city of 25,000 just one year later.

Bitcoin is about to go mainstream - don’t get left behind.