• While small-cap enterprises and investment brokers have a mutual need to connect with one another, finding the right match is a challenge.
  • Companies spend a lot of time and money preparing and sending proposals; meanwhile, for every 200 that brokers receive, perhaps 10 are relevant, three proceed to a meeting, and one is a success.
  • A new platform for trading digital assets, including STOs, on the stock exchange from Toronto-based Blockstation has a better, more efficient way to match issuers with brokers. See if your offering qualifies for a Blockstation STO 

By: Jai Waterman, Chief Enterprise Architect

What do dating apps and the world of venture capital have in common? They’re both about connecting the right people to one another as quickly as efficiently possible. Unfortunately for venture capital firms and entrepreneurs, while there are dozens of solutions to help them find a date there aren’t any to help them find the right investment opportunity.

The right match between entrepreneurs and investment brokers can be hard to spot
So close, and yet so far.

The current system for investment opportunities is highly inefficient. Issuers have no easy way to identify brokers that have the right appetite, forcing them to waste time and money preparing and sending out proposal decks that will never convert. At the same time, some brokers estimate that out of every 200 decks they receive and review only 10 are relevant, three advance to a pitch meeting, and maybeeee just one is successful.

What small-cap companies need is a way to find a list of investment brokers and filter them out by appetite, target only the most relevant options. What investment brokers need is a way to limit the number of decks they receive so they can focus on the ones that are most likely to succeed.

What if we applied some of the technology from today’s most successful dating websites and applied them to capital  markets?

A better way to find investors online

Financial markets are starting to embrace technology innovations like the blockchain to support modern solutions like security tokens, and security token offerings (STOs). This makes it much easier and faster for issuers to list on the stock exchange and connect investors around the world.

Blockstation is part of this evolution, providing the technology that allows stock exchanges to list digital currencies and issue security tokens. For companies that need to raise capital but aren’t ready to go public, our platform also acts like a virtual dating service, streamlining the way issuers learn about and target relevant investment brokers.

How to find investors, revamped

Through Blockstation, brokers can complete a company profile detailing their appetite by criteria including:

  • Industry

  • Company size

  • Funding stage (pre-seed, Series A, etc.)

  • Smart money

  • Compensation model

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Once in the system, startups can easily identify the right broker for their needs, allowing everyone to spend their time and effort on the opportunities most likely to succeed.

Finding the right match between small-cap enterprises and investment brokers is about to get easier than ever.
Swipe right: You've got a match!

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