“Great party, man! When’s the next one?”

Music to our ears.

A little over four years ago, we founded Blockstation and the focus has been business, business, business. After all, building a platform that allows stock exchanges to list regulated cryptocurrencies and STOs through insured broker-dealers isn’t easy. But now that we’re live, we figured it was time to celebrate.

So we found a penthouse with a sweet view and rounded up as many members of the Toronto crypto community as we could find for a hangout to remember.

Only the best view for #CryptoPartyph19

Celebrating crypto success

This party was a token of appreciation for our investors and shareholders as much as it was a celebration of how the crypto community has grown overall. It’s important to find opportunities to bring the community together and get everybody to lay back while we kick off the spring in the city.

No sales pitch, no angle, just music, food, drinks, a photo booth, and gift bags with top-notch treatsedibles from our sponsor, Cafe.

Find your photo booth pic in the gallery below and share using #CryptoPartyph19!

One other bonus

In all honesty, we knew the party was going to be a great time. The crypto community is full of open and welcoming people who have a lot to offer one another. But this was an enormous party in a condo full of people who, you know, actually live there. So in addition to thank the Toronto crypto crowd for being not just fantastic company, but also unfailingly polite.

The proof:

nailed it

What’s better than one crypto party? The next crypto party

We had a blast just hanging out with all comers, and are definitely planning to do it again.

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Happy Hosts

Until then, happy trading!