Higher Volumes for Broker-Dealers

Access a turnkey trading portal through your regulated stock exchange to support cryptocurrency demand. Acquire new customers, retain existing customers while increasing revenue.


Increase AUM and Trading Volume

  • ChainWatch AML tool provides you with comfort to take in token deposits in a compliant manner.
  • Manage deposits and withdrawals of investors.
  • Manage portfolio and performance of investor accounts.
  • Trader management allows the admin to manage their Traders and review trading activity.
  • Traders are able to manage their respective investor accounts.
  • Discount brokerage portal built allowing your investors to manage their portfolio directly.
  • Ready made GUI to start trading immediately or API for easy integration.
  • Fix Protocol for integrating existing GUI of your Brokerage
  • Manual cross printing facility to process private broker to Broker transactions off the orderbook.


  • Regulatory expertise in both crypto and securities to ensure compliance with your regulators.
  • Trade through your existing regulated stock exchange using Blockstation’s technology suite.
  • Blotter reports, reconciliation reports and market oversight to understand and investigate any market integrity concerns.


  • Access to liquidity from international stock exchanges through a CLOB (central limit order book) or through market makers.
  • ECN allows liquidity to pour in providing an active marketplace on day 1.
  • Liquidity network available from clean sources approved by brokers.
  • Market making rules established for digital assets.
  • Network of liquidity providers ready to participate at your exchange.

Risk Mitigation

  • Safe asset management with Block Depository for the clearing and settlement, security and transparency in a easily managed method.
  • Public Key management tools.
  • Private key management tools.
  • Security built into each section both technical logical and procedural providing the highest level of security integrity.
  • Trade within your existing regulated environment through the stock exchange and broker-dealer network.
  • Central counterparty mitigates settlement risk.

For your Investors

  • Trades protected by regulated entities - Investor trades governed by existing entities including stock exchanges and broker dealers.
  • Digital assets fully insured - Investor crypto assets held with the broker is insured with cold storage insurance.
  • Adequate Liquidity - Liquidity pours in from local broker dealers, miners, market makers and international stock exchanges who have cross trading agreements with your jurisdiction.
  • Mitigate counterparty risk - By partnering with regulated entities and through Blockstations proprietary risk mitigation techniques, executed trades are guarantee to settle.
  • Due Diligence - Investors trade digital assets that have been scrutinized by the exchange prior to being listed.
  • Adequate Disclosure - Investors have access to detailed disclosure of digital assets to invest in.
  • Hassle free Deposits & Withdrawals - No hassle for investors to deposit & withdrawal cash to selected broker.