If you want to trade tokens, you're going to have to start out on the right side of the track.

While regulators are cracking down on Exchanges and ICO’s, Blockstation will keep you out of the grey area.

In most jurisdictions, Blockchain Tokens are completely unregulated. However, we are starting to notice regulators slowly attempt to apply securities and currency related regulations to Blockchain Tokens.

There are many kinds of Tokens:

  • Some Tokens act like Securities
  • Some Tokens act like Currencies
  • Some Tokens Act like Reward Points
  • Some Tokens Act like a Hybrid of the above

Some of Our

Compliance Checks

The Blockstation platform is designed to provide investors the confidence associated with trading securities in a regulated environment.

Created by Blockstation

No Front Running of Orders

Orders are processed using the rules of a fair marketplace.


Priority Trade Que

Professional status is tracked ensuring that members of the public have their trades executed in priority ahead of professionals follows industry standards.


Self Trading Prevention

Self Trading Prevention to prevent market manipulation and ensures a fair marketplace. It also prevents a trader from making an error.


Blotter Reports

Blotter Reports with Time/Date stamp per Institution including Counter-party and Market pair etc are ready for compliance reporting, investigations and auditing.

A Process You Can Trust

All the above have been seamlessly integrated into our powerful enterprise platform that handles your requirements from Quote to Trade Execution to Reporting.

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