Security Token Offering (STO) of “Kawhi Coins”

KaWhi Wait? You can get your full contract value now!

Dear Kawhi,

We write this letter to you for the following reasons:

  1. Provide you with an opportunity to maximize your capital and financial empire through your contracts and endorsements going forward.
  2. Provide the Best Fans in the World the opportunity to keep you with the Toronto Raptors.
  3. Provide you with the structure, technology and resources to receive your 5 year contract compensation up front upon signing with the Raptors.

Your time with the Raptors has been nothing short of special and basketball fans across Canada are eager to keep you here at home in Toronto, Canada.

Blockstation is among those who want to see you build a legacy with the Raptors and as such are pleased to offer you a unique business proposal: the opportunity for the public to invest in you through “Kawhi Coin” Security Token Offering (“Kawhi STO”) listed on a national stock exchange which would provide you with your contract money “today”.

The Numbers

Blockstation believes that money today is more valuable than money tomorrow. Whether the reason is inflation or other business opportunities.

Blockstation can crunch and tweak the numbers to find the right balance for a Kawhi STO.

Here is what your investors would get based on a one million dollar ($1,000,000) Kawhi STO investment:

Sample Initial Investment 1,000,000
Return Year 1 290,000
Return Year 2 290,000
Return Year 3 290,000
Return Year 4 290,000
Total 1,160,000
Annual ROI 4%

In this model the value of the contract was discounted by 4% annually providing investors an ROI, while providing you with immediate access to the full discounted amount of the contract term.

The financial model is available upon request. Details of the Kawhi Coin STO are outlined in the Draft Public Information Memorandum below.

Details of the offering are outlined in the Draft Public Information Memorandum available here.


J. Waterman

Chief Enterprise Architect & Co-Founder
Blockstation STO
Make Some Noise!

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