Increase Deposits for Depositories

Manage Wallets safely and securely offline, while clearing and settling conveniently online and increasing assets under management.

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  • Generate significant new AUM (assets under management)
  • Configure multisig decentralized wallets in a few simple steps safely and securely.
  • Multisig cold storage offline decentralized custody solution designed and built.
  • The best of security and convenience through our part online and part offline
  • Manage all public key holders
  • Manage all private key holders
  • Manage millions of wallets with just a couple public keys.

Clearing & Settlement

  • Manage Net Settlement across the entire trading network.
  • Manage settlement deposits withdrawals and transacted of both crypto and fiat currency.
  • Block Depository offline secure terminal for the creation and management of keys and transacting.
  • Generate Trade Reports, Reconciliation Reports, and monitor the marketplace on an account basis or broker basis based on your regulatory environment.
  • Generate asset holding statements by account.
  • Generate settlement reports.
  • Integrated with the stock exchange

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