Market Landscape

Blockchain tokens (cryptocurrency products) currently represent about 0.2% (US $150B) of global GDP and according to World Economic Forum (WEF). These products are forecasted to reach 10% (US $8T) of global GDP by 2027.



(US $150 Billion)
Global GDP


Trader Participation


Future (2027 Projection)


(US $8 Trillion)
Global GDP


Trader Participation

$20M Daily Trading Commissions

Daily Trading commissions represent approximately 5.5% providing exchanges with lucrative incomes of $20M daily cumulatively.

Now those numbers are astounding considering most of the market place has no reasonable access to trade these token. Less than 1% of traders are currently in the market and its estimated that 40% of trader what like to get in.

Now these are some promising numbers.

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