Mitigating Risks

Due to the inherent risks perceived by traditional trading institutions in the Blockchain Token space, and their inability to mitigate these risks, they currently have extremely limited access to participate in the Blockchain Token market.

Without mitigating the risks, your institution can only watch rather than participate in this rapidly emerging asset class; missing out on the lucrative commissions.

Blockstation solves this by mitigating risk in a number of ways:



Blockstation Solutions

 Security Risk

Secure VPN

Blockstation’s ECN remains behind a Secure VPN wall protecting the integrity of its assets and its client’s sensitive information. 

 Poor Market Liquidity

Largest Pool of Liquidity

Blockstation provides institutions with the largest pool of liquidity while insulating them from the risks in crypto currency market places. Blockstation provides ongoing initial liquidity from various markets and ensures token settlement is completed prior to settling cash balances.

 Wallet Hackers

Adequate Insurance

Blockstation has structured the first adequate Bitcoin insurance. This required a detailed examination by the insurance carrier of Blockstation’s established processes and procedures to prevent losses.

 Cash Exposure

Trade on Credit

Blockstation has its own capital to execute orders on behalf of the institutions which allows them to trade on credit without any risk of loss through theft of their assets.

 Settlement Exposure

T+1 Settlement

Blockstation offers T+1 Settlement terms providing less exposure to outstanding amounts.

 Public Exposure

Exclusive for Institutional Clients

Blockstation is exclusively for Institutional clients. Therefore we have no direct exposure to the public removing the temptation and risk of attacks such as DDOS attacks.

 Regulatory Changes

Designed for Regulatory Oversight

The Blockstation platform is designed to provide investors the confidence associated with trading securities in a regulated environment.


Cold Storage

Blockstation has cold storage facilities to hold the majority of Blockchain Tokens offline. Completely secured and insured, your tokens are held at the Mint where they secure Billions in Bullion.

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