Order Matching System

Blockstation has built a central order book with an order matching engine that follows regulatory rules. This allows Stock Exchanges to get started right away rather than building new software or adapting their legacy systems.

See Our Platform in Action

Here are some of the reasons why our plug n play OMS will work for your stock exchange.


  • Compliance rules embedded in the code ensure a fair marketplace
  • Self Trade Prevention automation to stop individuals from manipulating the market
  • No front running of orders. Each order is lined up in the queue and processed in sequence
  • Retail investors gain priority over Professionals in the event they both have entered the same price
  • Market monitoring is available on a permission basis for Stock Exchanges, Depositories and Broker compliance staff and regulators


  • The OMS microservice architecture allows us to make fast customizations and additions
  • Specific components built to match your stock exchange and requirements
  • Horizontally scalable to handle the load required by your stock exchange and your broker members
  • Integrated to existing UI for brokers
  • Persistent message queue to ensure delivery of messages.
  • Can run on the cloud or within your secured data centre.


  • Systems and processes in place for a continuous market
  • Disaster recovery with redundancy, replication and mirroring
  • 24/7 monitoring of all servers, services and queues for preventative measures
  • Active passive mechanisms to mitigate interruption

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