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Safe & Secure

100% deposit insurance on crypto and fiat. Sleep at night knowing your funds are safe from hackers and fully insured by a regulated financial institution

Central Orderbook

Liquidity from multiple participating broker-dealers and market makers in one central continuous orderbook.

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Help accelerate digital currency adoption by participating in a regulated institutional market

Full Service

Benefit from full services of a regulated broker for portfolio based asset management and advice.

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Onboarding you to the New Digital Future

Blockstation is currently conducting live trading pilots with our partners- international stock exchanges and their broker-dealer members. Be the first to try it out!

Your participation and feedback will ensure these financial institutions will be ready to offer fully compliant, secure and insured cryptocurrency trading to their investor clients.

And what a boost this will give the entire digital asset ecosystem!

Imagine millions of risk-averse investors watching and waiting on the sidelines finally having the confidence to jump in- trade digital assets and benefit from portfolio diversification and growth.

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3 Steps to Trading...

1. Create Account

Provide your name and email to get access to the investor portal and orderbook

2. Identity Verification

Provide identity verification and sign an NDA to be connected to a broker-dealer

3. Broker Connect

Broker-dealer will open your account and you can start trading

How to fly crypto

Pilot FAQ

Currently, the market pairs available are BTC/USD.

You can fund your account with $USD or BTC.

We will update you as new digital assets are added and available.

Blockstation is working with various stock exchanges and their broker-dealer networks. As soon as you are approved, the appropriate broker partner will be disclosed and you will be assigned an account.

To sign up and enter the platform is as short as 1 minute. Following this we require additional identity verification information to open your account- this process should take no more than 15 minutes for individuals.

Transaction fees are around 30 to 40 bps but may vary based on the broker you are assigned to. There are no fees for simply opening an account

Blockstation’s trading platform and SMART ECN (electronic communications network) interconnects with international exchanges via a central order book across various trading networks. This includes dynamic algorithmic market making to ensure continuous liquidity is flowing for real-time trading.

  • Limit, Market, Stop Limit and Stop Market Orders

  • Advance Profit & Loss Reports & Analysis

  • Professional Reports and Statements like you would expect from a Financial Institution

  • Multi Tab Multi Window User Interface

  • Customizable Dashboards

  • STO Listings & Analysis

  • Block Trades

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Withdrawals are processed at the end of each trading day at in conjunction with the trading cycle. Your Broker must approve the withdrawal request prior to settlement in order for the withdrawal to be processed. As a result, a BTC withdrawal can take from 24 to 72 hrs depending on weekends and holidays

We may periodically reach out with a satisfaction survey to gauge your trading experience should you wish to participate.

Your feedback is welcome as we are always working to improve our platform.

Please send any feedback to

You can request withdrawal all your funds and close your account at any time.

To switch Brokers, you will need to set up an account with the new broker. You can have accounts at more than one broker if you wish.

This will change from broker to broker as each broker sets their own fees.

Yes, Fiat will be insured. BTC will be kept safe in Cold storage and insured as well.

Yes, KYC and AML identity verification is required by law to open an account. Make sure to have the following ready:

  • Photo Government issued ID
  • You Jurisdiction TAX ID number
  • Proof of address not more than 90 days old. ( utility bill etc…)

You are able to submit your STOs for review to We will determine the best stock exchange for distribution based on your plan.

This will vary from one stock exchange to another based on their listing criteria.

You are able to submit your STOs for review to

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