Blockstation is the first enterprise grade trading platform that has been purposely built to satisfy the stringent security requirements of regulated financial institutions, stock exchanges, hedge funds and family offices interested in having access to the growing universe of cryptocurrencies.

Inspection Disabled

IP Whitelist

PCI Compliance

Dedicated Servers

Our Security

Blockstation utilizes the highest level of control to manage your funds stored in segregated warm wallets, hot wallets and multisig cold wallets

Our secure APIs have restricted access to our dedicated database isolated in separate environments. API users only have permission to execute specific predefined transactions through stored procedures.

To use our APIs or AgentPortal Blockstation must whitelist your Institution's IP or provide access via VPN.

Institutions can provide a unique ID through the API retaining sensitive information of your clients while tracking every transaction. Alternatively if you provide further information on your clients, their data is encrypted.

Blockstation is being Audited by a 3rd security company and preparing for PCI Compliance.

Security Features

Inspection Disabled
IP Whitelist
Full PCI Compliance
Dedicated Servers

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