There’s got to be a better way!

Introducing the Blockstation Security Token Offering

Lets face it, raising capital is tough!

The Private Equity firms can be brutal, imposing their will, driving down your value and sometimes taking over your company.

If you turn the other way and go public, you face enormous legal fees, difficulty managing ongoing reporting requirements and a host of other issues with a traditional IPO. Or maybe you found a shell and will spend tons in legal fees and due diligence until you find the right shell to take a chunk of your company just to avoid an IPO.

There’s got to be a better way!

Introducing the Blockstation Security Token Offering (STO)

Blockstation works with Stock Exchanges and Broker/Dealers around the globe enabling them to leverage the power of the Blockchain to provide companies with the ability to raise capital and gain liquidity through a Blockstation STO.

A Blockstation STO leverages the Blockchain and a suite of other technologies to streamline the process of doing an Initial Public Offering (IPO), cutting down the time and cost of going public and maintaining a compliant public status.

Our process boasts huge advantages including significant time and cost savings while increasing efficiencies.

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Security Token Offering

The Power of a Blockstation STO


Streamlined application and listing process gives you a roadmap from the begining of the application process to raising capital and having your tokens (shares, etc.) publicly traded on the Stock Market

Automated Prosepctus

Our Click-Through Prospectus Creation process is a dynamic way of providing the required full and plain disclosure to the exchange and regulators. Once you input all of your company info, our system will allow you to click and tweak as required to make your full Prospectus filing ready for your legal team's review.


Based on all the information you fill out during the step-by-step process, our system will automatically create your compliant Security Token Smart Contract approved for listing and trading by the stock exchange. This smart contract has Blockchain-based functionality built in to streamline and automate many aspects of managing corporate actions as a publicly listed company.

Corporate Actions

The Blockstation STO platform brings the management of corporate actions onto the Blockchain, automating and streamlining many aspects of cap table management, running committees to approve measures such as token issuance, splits and consolidations.

Voting Management

Voting Management for AGMs and other important investor correspondence is a requirement for publicly listed companies and assets. The exorbitant costs of these processes in a traditional listing is a powerful disincentive going public, keeping many companies in the smaller and high-pressure realm of accredited investors - and locking mainstream investors out of lucrative opportunities. With a Blockstation STO, voting management on the Blockchain is efficient and cost-effective, making it easier to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Listing on Stock Exchange

By far one of the most powerful aspects of our STO process is the fact that your offering is public and listed on a regulated Stock Exchange. This provides your company and listing with the credibility, regulatory oversight, transparency and power that before only existed for the few. Ultimately this gives you the ammunition that you need to raise capital for growth, R&D, expansion and success.

1-minute Qualification

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from the Public

Using a Blockstation STO, your organization can raise millions in capital across the globe. This may be possible for your organization if you fit the minimum listing criteria.

Learn About the STO Process

We Will Guide You Through the Process

Cost-saving, efficient STO platform designed to meet regulatory standards

  1. Initiation & Tokenization
  2. Choose a Blockstation partner Stock Exchange

  3. Fill in the Issuer KYC Wizard with the information of the company and its Officers and Directors

  4. Complete the Listing Wizard questionnaire

  5. Prospectus Filing
  6. Complete the Click-Through prospectus

  7. Choose your Smart Contract private key holders for managing corporate actions

  8. Upload supporting documents including financials

  9. Review & Approval
  10. Review and approve the Prospectus and submit it for Broker review

  11. Brokers will review your documents and provide the amounts they are willing to raise along with the associated costs

  12. Choose the best offer for your organization by accepting one of the Broker offers

  13. Submit the Prospectus for review by the Exchange and the Security Commission.

  14. Promote & Capital Raising
  15. Upon approval by the Exchange and the Security Commission, start promoting your offering

  16. Investors can open accounts with the registered brokers, deposit their cash and crypto to subscribe to your offering

  17. You must reach the minimum offering in order to complete the offering.

  18. Once the offering is closed, you will provide required reports and information to the Exchange and your lead broker will release the capital to you less the fees changed by the Broker, Exchange and Depository

Cash is the blood running through your companies veins. Let's keep it flowing.

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