Innovation for Stock Exchanges

List and trade digital currencies and tokens, in a compliant manner quickly meeting broker and investor demand within existing operations.

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Order Matching & Market Data

  • Order matching engine that complies with traditional securities regulations
  • Order matching rules tweaked for your jurisdiction
  • Orders matched in priority sequence
  • Retail orders matched ahead of professional orders
  • Persistent message queue to ensure reliable execution
  • Limit, market, stop loss, stop limit and iceberg orders enabled
  • Websockets to push live market data to your clients
  • Fix protocol or Rest API for order submission
  • Execution reports automatically sent to Depository for Clearing

Manage Your Broker Network

  • Ready made GUI (Graphical User Interface) to start immediately or API for easy integration
  • Add new Broker members to the network as traction grows
  • Manage credit limits for brokers to enable or disable credit limit usage
  • Enable or disable short selling
  • View trade activity by brokers through Blotter reports
  • View trade activity for your entire Broker Network
  • Pull reconciliation reports


  • The Smart ECN allows liquidity to pour in providing an active marketplace on day 1
  • Liquidity network available from clean sources approved by brokers
  • Market making rules established for digital assets
  • Network of liquidity providers ready to participate at your exchange
  • Access to liquidity from international stock exchanges through a CLOB (Central Limit Order Book) or through market makers

Clearing & Settlement

  • Integration with Block Depository for the Clearing and Settlement cycle
  • Public Key management tools
  • Private Key management tools for Reconciliation against accounts, wallets and brokers to ensure a Net 0 settlement


  • Regulatory expertise in both crypto and securities to create the rule book required to operate the exchange
  • Blotter reports, reconciliation reports and market oversight to understand and investigate any market integrity breaches. This covers all members
  • Trade busting tools to reverse fat finger trades or other errors that may occur
  • Security built into each section, both technical logical and procedural providing the highest level of security integrity
  • Seamless interaction with brokers and Depository through the GUI or APIs

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