Blockstation’s Electronic Communications Network (“ECN”) has been built using the methods and design principals of BATS, BRUT, Archipelago and Island, bridging the divide between legacy and distributed ledger technologies.

Microservice Architecture

Blockstation’s microservice architecture is built for scalability. This allows us to scale as far as Amazon’s Elastic Cloud will stretch; supporting the combined volume requirements of international institutions around the clock.

Our Technology

Message bus based microservices system with hot standby redundancy and autoscaling.

Our code has been broken up into small components that can be hosted on separate servers. This ensures if one component is experiencing a heavy load, it will be shared with a twin server and more clones of this specific component can be created automatically and intelligently based on a predefined criteria allowing us to handle your load of orders as well as all of the institutions across the world.


ensures orders are processed in the order received by putting all requests in a single file lineup. Keeps the market place fair and the API free to receive your requests.

AWS ELB Autoscaling

AWS ELB Autoscaling allows the platform to grow and shrink as daily volumes grow and shrink. This allows us to be cost efficient yet ready for any amount of volume.


Allows us to virtually operate without servers. This advanced technology provided by Amazon is extremely cost effective and scaleable with no limits.


Ensures our infrastructure team knows the health of our servers. If a server coughs or sneezes our team will be alerted by Cloudwatch so they can take preventative measures enabling Blockstation to meet strict SLA criteria.

API Gateway

Enables your clients to trade directly on your platform. We will stream our order books to you so you can securely and discreetly send the orders for us to route through our Smart ECN RoundhouseTM.

Adoption of .NET Core - new generation of Microsoft .NET Framework for running Microsoft application on Linux

.NET Core allows us to take advantage of Lamda an host our code on Linux servers. Linux servers are more cost effective, faster, and more secure than windows based servers. So you get the best speed, security and efficiency with Blockstation.

Adoption of Ethereum blockchain-based tokens allows us to facilitate trading between tokens, bitcoins and national currencies.

Our unique algorithms build chains of transactions to provide the best route to the best price. So instead of just providing sugar and flour. We can give you the whole cake….. and you can eat it too.

Adoption of big-data techniques and No-SQL databases for increased storage and performance

Databases can often become a bottleneck in a transaction intense environment. As a result we use No-SQL and SQL to handle huge amounts of data.


Transactions per second

We are proud to say that a single instance prior to scaling up additional servers handles 8000 transactions per second which is 1/6th of the Nasdaq. Not bad. With auto scaling we can surpass that.

And in case you like big numbers that are meaningless. Our exchange engine can handle 2M transactions per second.

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